How We’re Different

Spectrum Soldering provides engineers, inventors and hobbyists an affordable alternative for their prototype soldering and assembly needs, offering services that large scale circuit board manufacturers typically don’t offer. We specialize in prototypes and recognize that R&D and developing a working prototype is more than just designing a circuit, having a PCB manufactured, and having it soldered. It is a process which sometimes presents other challenges and surprises which don’t always come to light until everything is put together. Whether your company is a startup, small business, or large corporation, many of the obstacles are the same and often limited by time and budget constraints, or lack of personnel with the expertise or equipment to do the work. We strive to be a part of your team by helping solve problems that may arise, offering personalized, custom solutions for your development process, and helping take your new product to market. We also offer consulting services to help you design test fixtures, write test procedures or help with small scale manufacturing setup once your design is finalized and it's time for manufacturing and final test.

How it Works

Send us a Request for Quote for soldering & assembly services and attach your BOM. You can download a sample BOM here, or we can send you an editable BOM template in Word or Excel format upon request. We will quote within our capabilities. If you accept our quote, send us your bare PCBs, parts, schematics, Gerber files, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and anything else you think is necessary or helpful for us to complete your soldering job. We ship your finished prototype boards back to you by your choice of shipping method. See FAQs.

For consulting services, send us the details of what you need help with and we'll let you know what we can do to help.

We're happy to sign NDAs, at your request.

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Requirements for Soldering Jobs

Please let us know if you have any special requirements, such as temperature sensitive components, special solder paste, etc. We request that you have component reference designators included on your silkscreen layer and that your PCBs have been pre-tinned. At a minimum, we would like polarity markings and Pin 1 designators on IC’s. We accept panelized or individual boards. See FAQs for more details.


We accept reel, cut tape, loose parts, or any combination of these. You may send us your parts or we'll order them for you. If you send your own parts we request that you supply more than the exact quantity needed to complete your job, typically an additional 5-20% for passive SMDs and 1 to 5 extras for other components. You may have parts or PCBs drop shipped to us, but we recommend that you inspect your PCBs for errors before sending them to us, especially if this is the first run of a new design.

Lead Time

Lead times can vary, but we strive for a 1 week turnaround, depending on quantities. We can also complete jobs over weekends and holidays. Some of the factors which can affect lead time are receipt of incorrect or missing parts, incorrect quantities, PCB layout issues, and shipping method. If we discover any issues with your PCB layout, incorrect footprints for example, we will contact you and determine how you want us to proceed. We are often able to make modifications in order to solder parts on incorrect footprints, but will not do so without your consent. See FAQs for more details or See Modification example.


Soldering prices per PCB are determined by component types, number of pins per part, quantity of each part, whether a stencil is provided, and other factors. We charge the same price per board, regardless of the quantity of boards you submit. Most large PCB manufacturing companies charge big setup fees and significantly higher prices for small quantities or only one board.

Why Use Us?

Why Us

We offer more than just a circuit board assembly service. We provide additional services that are not offered by large circuit board manufacturers and assembly services. Have a board with a footprint that’s too small? We'll still solder the part. Only want a few parts soldered and do the rest yourself? We’ll do that, too. If you have some minor changes to your design after you have your PCBs made, we can often make modifications so you can still test your design without having to have new boards fabricated. We have a working knowledge of electronics and schematics and do more than just assemble and inspect your circuit boards. We can verify your board layout, adapt to any issues that may arise, and troubleshoot errors. You are more than "just a customer" to us. We want to be part of your team, help you solve problems and achieve your goals.

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